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New York based designer.

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I've designed for a large variety of clients, ranging from local restaurants to major companies. While I mainly focus on web design, I'm also regularly work on branding and social media graphics. Every project deserves a full process of that includes strategy, planning, design, and execution, based on the goals of the project. I make sure your project is tailor-made to your company and its goals.

Who is MjoRK?

...or what is a mjork?

My name is Mark, also known as Mjork, and I'm a web and graphic designer based in New York. Design is a major part of my everyday life, and I absolutely love what I do. With the better half of a decade worth of experience, I've developed a portfolio filled with projects from various industries. I also make mead, love to cook, play video games, and my drink of choice is a gin and tonic, 2 limes.

Some Skills of Mine

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I've developed a rather diverse set of skills throughout my experience as a designer. While my main focuses are web design and branding, I'm no stranger to other methods and fields of design. Whether it be food photography, logo design, banners, ads, social media, landing pages, etc, I will make sure it turns into the masterpiece you need for your project.

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